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Laila Wah OMD brings to the Art of Feng Shui unique qualities.

Wah is a practicing and accomplished Educator and Doctor of Acupuncture, Shiatsu & East Asian Medicine for over 35 years of practical experience, and over ten years of study. She was at the cutting edge of East Asian Medicine when she created and directed The Gautama Institute for the Healing Arts, Philadelphia’s first school for Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Certification, a place where imminent teachers in the field of East Asian Medicine came to lecture.  Notables such as Ted Katchuk OMD who heads the East Asian Medical Department at Harvard University, and author of The Web That Has No Weaver; Leon Hammer, MD who was eminent as the first Caucasian who mastered the Chinese Art of Pulse Diagnosis, and
wrote Dragon Rises and Red Bird Flies; Kiko Matsumoto, Stuart Kutchins and many others came to The Gautama to teach and enlighten students in ancient Chinese medical practices. Wah also established a Feng Shui Certification Program at Bucks County Community College, and has lectured and taught at named universities, colleges and hospitals, as well as community centers in the United States, France, Morocco and Spain.

Feng Shui shares the philosophy inherent in Chinese medical practices and all other Chinese disciplines such as music, architecture, gardening, flower arrangement, martial arts and painting.  Wah’s love for creating Sacred Space in her home led her to the practice of Feng Shui. The core root of Feng Shui is Buddhism and Taoism.  The aim is to create Harmony – a Union between Heaven and Earth. The Laws of Heaven are meant to be reflected upon Earth. 

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When mankind fails to respect the One Law of Unity, he brings unhappiness into his world.  The collected consciousness of a people either creates a peaceful society, or one that is riddled with strife.  The great ancient teachers have repeatedly offered this message to mankind throughout human history.  Mankind is forgetful.  But we can continue to strive towards Harmony on an individual basis.

Wah’s efforts in Feng Shui and the Healing Arts, is to help guide each person at their own level of need and awareness in order to bring fruitful changes into their life.  Wah is also a poet of long standing, and an artist.  She has studied and practiced the creative arts – dance, music, singing, painting, poetry - throughout her life.  In addition she studies Buddhism and world religions. These sensibilities add to her intuitive nature.  The core principles of Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing and Spatial Purification are adhered to when she gives a consultation.  Each consultation is designed for the particular individual’s requirements, and evokes the ethical-spiritual orientation of the client while following the dictums of the Great Teachers.

Laila Wah has had many teachers not only in the study of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, but in Feng Shui. Among those whose knowledge, skill and passion have inspired her are, Melanie Lewandowski, Professor Thomas Lim Yuan, Derek Walters, Richard Leviton, Nancy Pietro, Sarah Rossbach, Jami Lin, Steven Post, Master Lwan Lau, and Karen Kingston.

Laila Wah has been conducting workshops and seminars on Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Purification, and Creating Sacred Space throughout the tri-state area. She developed a 2 year Feng Shui Certification Training Program for Bucks County Community College, and also presented CEU classes for teachers on “Feng Shui in the Classroom”.

Wah has written articles on Feng Shui, two appeared in New Vision Magazine, and an article on her appeared in “Time Off” in Bucks County. She is currently working on several books.

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“The Earth’s condition is receptive devotion. Thus the superior man who has breadth of character, carries the outer world.”
       -- I Ching, “The Receptive”

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