Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light.” Our chakars are wheels of luminous energy located in, over and throughout our bodily centers. Chakras have a direct correlation to all physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being. They can become fixed, drained, diminished in energy. Blocked or stuck chakras may result from a bombardment of physical and mental-emotional stressors, as well as exposure to external harmful environments. Imbalances ensue and symtoms vary from physical exhaustion to apprehension. The first three chakras tend to hold the most negativity and are not areas one can easily reason with.

Join us for this very experiential workshop and learn hands-on techniques to clear and balance your chakras for improved health, vitality, focus, stamina and happiness. What you will learn are practical tools for daily living. Energized chakras assure your life success.


gratitude flowerHow and what we say is particularly powerful. Our words vibrate all around us and throughout our physical bodies. These potent vibrations draw specific events into our lives. There is a science and practicality for this law of physics.

Quantum Physics demonstrates “The Law of Attraction.” It explains our unique inter-connection with one another and the Universe. Saying the Gratitude Chant aloud daily for 15 minutes or longer, shifts negative thoughts, moods and feelings of inadequacy, complaint and procrastination away quite instantly!

In its place come energies of a higher frequency which offer Peace and Harmony to Body/Mind/Soul. We feel buoyant, happier and ready to go!

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 “Move 27 things and change your life.” - LW

There are introductory classes in Feng Shui, workshops on Clutter Clearing and Creating Sacred Space. 

A Feng Shui Certification Course may also be organized. If you are interested in having a workshop offered at your community center or school, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.



Open your door! What do you see? Opening your Feng Shui eyes is an introduction to the Principles and Practices of Feng Shui - the Art of Arrangement and Placement. We will target major rooms: front entrance, master bedroom, kitchen, home office, and examine your home layout.


Correct placement directs Chi, Energy. Learn how to direct Chi and create new opportunities in your life, enhance relationships, increase prosperity,balance and harmonize the energy flow in your home. Move 27 things with INTENTION and welcome Beneficial Chi into your life!

LAILA WAH OMD is an educator, Feng Shui Practitioner and Space Clearing Master with over 30 years experience. She serves the Tri State Region.



Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Life!

To be announced.

Are you procrastinating? Tired? Unfocused? Clutter may be the root problem. Clutter is more than piles of "stuff" lying around everywhere - it's unfinished projects, things you don't like nor use, it is unfinished business.

Move 27 things and change your life!

Open to the dynamics of directing Welcoming Chi - those Beneficial Energies which enhance our lives. Learn the Principles of Feng Shui. Clear your clutter and start anew.


A future Level One class is forming. If you are interested, please contact us. There is limited enrollment to ensure personal attention toward each student. This nine month course study, is an in-depth 500 hours program, which offers study into a variety of Feng Shui Schools: The Tibetan Black Hat Sect, The Compass School and the Form School. This course prepares the student towards a profession in Feng Shui consultations. It is suitable to augment existing professions in Interior Decorating, House Stage for real estate sales, Clutter Clearing and Organization, and other artistic vocations. It can also be solely used for personal use and for family and friends.

There are nine months of classroom instruction and on-site examination. Classes meet monthly, one week day and on one weekend. Independent study, on-site Feng Shui evaluations, required reading, photographic presentations, testing and student site evaluations are part of this program. A certificate of completion is awarded after successful completion of all course requirements which includes: quizzes, tests, reports, homework assignments, case studies, required reading, and student site evaluations.

The basic topics of study for the Nine Month Feng Shui Certification Program Level One are: 1. Understanding the roots and structure of Feng Shui; its natural law – Tao, Yin/Yang, Qi analysis, Earth Energies and system analysis. 2. Assessing the exterior spaces, environmental configurations, Earth Qi, materials, construction and building relationship to the environment. Use of the Ba Gua. 3. Assessing interior spaces: Qi Flow, Air quality, compass direction, gua orientations, interior structure, design, assessments. 4. The Five Element Theory: Applications and assessments for interior and exterior sites. 5. Analysis of room by room: The parts that comprise the whole analysis indoors. 6. Creating personal spaces: Design materials, furniture, fabrics, color etc. 7. Feng Shui for the office and professional work space: Taking Feng Shui principles to commercial and home office spaces. 8. Space Clearing and Blessings: Meditation, interior and exterior spatial healings, and transcendental cures. 9. Case studies and on-site student evaluations: Student study in action.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED; to be ambulatory and with sound health. Fee: $2,850. Payment plan is available.

A Testimony- “This course of study allowed me to grow personally while still supporting and enhancing the development of my children, marriage and community. In addition, my positive experience with healing and rebalancing through Acupuncture seemed to ‘seal the deal’. I am honored and blessed to receive your instruction.” – Jeanne Elliot

Diligently heat the roots of conscious and life.” – The Hui Ming Ching

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 “True knowledge is not to be communicated but evolved. Knowledge does not come from without, it comes from within.” – William Garver     

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