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Creating Sacred Space – Spatial Cleansing & Purification Ceremony

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All space is Sacred Space because every place that exists in the world is built on the soil of Earthly Mother who is a living, creative force. Earthly Mother is in relationship to Heavenly Father – Heaven and Earth are meant to reflect one another. This is the Way, The Tao.   It is imperative that we all learn this and respect this reality and make amends and honor Earthly Mother.  We start by taking care of our little corner of the world.  Each person taking care of their environment helps raise our planet into a higher state of consciousness, because we become merged with The Creator and The Created.

The first step in performing Spatial Cleansing and Purification requires the environment cleared of clutter and everything is thoroughly cleaned.  Order prevails so sanctity may enter the dwelling. Cleansing and Purification Practices are Spiritual practices.  The roots are from Buddhism and Taoism, but we take into consideration the ethical and religious persuasions of the individual who requests such a session.  The individual is a participant, not a bystander.  So hers or his ethical and religious orientations must be incorporated into the ceremony.


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We clear the space in order to welcome new energies to enter.  Spatial Cleansing and Purification is important to do BEFORE you move furniture into a new occupancy. It is also wonderful to do prior to a birth, a celebration such as a birthday or wedding.  

It is also important to do cleansings on a regular basis to keep the Chi flowing.  If any major occurrences have befallen, if there have been difficult times such as illness, financial hardship, accident, death, murder, suicide, fire, it is imperative to do a Cleansing and Purification Ceremony on your abode.

When beginning a Cleansing & Purification Ceremony there are Four Major Components to consider.  We begin by claiming the space.  Then we make a conscious Intention.  We create an altar, a sacred area for offering up prayers and keeping the Chi Focus.  Next is the actual Blessing of the Space.


One of the powerful Buddhists chants that is used is the recitation of the Heart Sutra: GATE GATE, PARA GATE, PARA SUN GATE, BODHI SO HE.

Energy welcomes more energy.  There is such a thing called The Law of Attraction: Like Attracts Like.  As we clean, cleanse and purify our environment we draw better opportunities, loving energies, kindness, compassion, happiness, peacefulness beauty and good relationships.  These welcoming energies effects the whole neighborhood, as well as the community.  We are helping ourselves, and also blessing others.  This is good.

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“The myriad creatures in the world are born from Something, and Something from Nothing.” – from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

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