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Consultations are obtainable by request in the Tri State area, and points further by arrangement.
  Cost of travel is included in the fee.

Feng Shui Consultations, Clutter Clearing, and Spatial Cleansing and Purification Consultations are available for an entire environment and house; an office; or a particular area or room.  Assessment will follow the Feng Shui Principles.  You will be asked to think deeply about what you want to create by having a consultation.  Then you will be asked to write this down and you will read it aloud at the time of your consultation’s interview period.  Your Intentions are the matrix of who you are, and wanting to be, and what you wish to create.  Intentions are very important. At the time of your session you will also be instructed into the Philosophy of Feng Shui, if you are unfamiliar with its principles.

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You will also be asked to provide white candles for every room, including bathrooms, garage, basement, attic (depends on what environments are to be assessed), plus incense or sage for a Feng Shui consultation.  For Spatial Cleansing and Purification Consultations you will also be asked to provide 9 blossoms in a special bowl in addition to white candles, incense or sage.  You will offer payment in ceremonial wrapping of money as instructed prior to your session.  Payment is an exchange of energy for services rendered, and an exchange of energy for the beneficial events you wish to draw into your world.
Your consultation is an interactive process.  You are not a bystander but a participant in the process.  Your energy, voice, Intentions are crucial for the process of creating the Good Chi you desire.

“ The Way is to the world as the River and the Sea are to rivulets and streams.” – from The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

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