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Feng Shui is the Ancient Art of Directing Chi, The Vital Life Force, and Arranging the Exterior/Interior Environments to produce “Beneficial Chi”. Feng Shui directs energy with the purpose of achieving Harmony, Balance and Beauty. These qualities are the cornerstone to "Beneficial Chi"- "Beneficial Energy" - which blesses life.

Feng means “gentle wind,” and Shui means “calm water.” Gentle wind and calm water are Mother Nature’s qualities of Beauty and Harmony. These features welcome “Beneficial Chi” and offer us the “good life”. Wind and Water are also Elements in Nature, and part of the Five Element Theory.

Chi (Qi or Prana) equals energy, and energy vibrations are the substance of the existence of everything. No one and nothing exists in this Universe without Chi. In our homes, office spaces, environments, the Chi is either “Exhalant and Beneficial”, or it is less than that, and can become depleted, excessive, stuck, stagnant, negative, even harmful, thus producing unwelcoming energies and events. It is important to examine our living and work environments to see just what is happening there.

What is in your environment has a direct correlation to events in your life. Our personal environments, spatial areas in home, office and environs reflect who we are and where we are in our life journey.

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Your home, work environment, all building structures are not only a composite of materials assembled for shelter, they are also composed of Infinite Energy.

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Feng Shui assesses and alters energy by applying Feng Shui Principles: Geographic Earth Elements - Directions/Location by actual compass readings; and application of the Ba Gua – derived from the I Ching, The Book of Change.

The Ba Gua is an ancient 8 sided figure which has corresponding areas to specific relationships, such as Career, Health, Prosperity, Love, Family, Children, Creativity, Knowledge, which are applied to the environment, structure and individual rooms; exploring the Predecessor Law; satisfying the Four Conditions; striving for Balance and Harmony; reducing clutter; Raising the Percentages; using the 9 Basic Cures; trusting your intuition; and by using Intentions of the person who is seeking a Feng Shui reading.

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How do you feel when you enter a space? Do you feel light or heavy? Are you contented, happy, or unsettled and nervous, sad or angry, indifferent or unmotivated? Does the place deplete and drain you? Or is it supportive of your Life Force?

We all respond to the energy in a room, a building, our home, and to the things that it contains. Do you know what events have taken place there? Is there a lot of drama? Do you have an irregularly shaped house, room(s)? Does Nature surround your home or are you in concrete heaven? Is there a body of water behind your house? Do you have heavy traffic in front of the house? How much light do you have? How is the air? These are just a few crucial questions to ask yourself as you look around your home and office.

Another assessment is discovering when things in our environment become invisible, when we no longer “see what’s in our space” – we pass by objects, pictures, dust, dirt, over-crowded and mismanaged things. We just no longer see them,. That is the junction it is important to open your “Feng Shui Eyes” and see what you are doing, accumulating, and living with.

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We are required to see what’s in our space, to see what is happening there, because all these energies, the Chi of Everything impacts upon our lives, our relationship and our outcomes. We have the resource to create Beneficial Energies which help us and our loved ones, help our neighbors, and ultimately help the world.

Feng Shui is environmentally friendly, and was one of the first ecological sciences mankind developed. Good Feng Shui reaps good results and sends out concentric rings of Positive Energies into your neighborhood. We are all interconnected. What we do, say, think, create, ultimately affects the globe. As the New Millennium comes forth we are presented with a unique opportunity and challenge to create environments in our home, work place and communities which support not only our personal well-being, but sponsors “World Harmony Energetics”.

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