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Clearing clutter is one of the Nine Feng Shui Principles. It is important to accomplish this prior to any significant Feng Shui session. Clutter impedes energy, Chi. It is important to change that. Clutter is more than things in a jumble.

The Oxford dictionary defines clutter as “crowded and untidy collection of things." Furthermore, clutter puts out an energy field which is unpleasant, sticky, obstructive, and unclean. These qualities enter your auric field and can create problems in your life.

Clutter is further defined as 1) things you do not want; 2) things you do not love; 3) things that are untidy or disorganized; 4) too many things in a small space; 5) anything left undone; 6) and things that have unpleasant memories.

When you have things that you love around you, you receive vibrant energy. You feel content, joyful, and strong.desk The energies in space flow around and nourish you. You are uplifted and have a clear focus. Contrary to having things which you love and cherish, are things which are unloved, unwanted, neglected, even hated, in your space.

Even though they may have become forgotten things to you, these objects still claim a presence, and their presence causes the energy in your house to stagnant, slow down, and even shut down. Because you are connected to everything you own, having such possessions around you can leave a negative mark upon you and what you want to accomplish.

Some aspects of clutter are:

How clutter affects you is multifold. Clutter can make you tired and lethargic. Clutter congests the body. You literally can get constipated, develop headaches and bodily pains. It can even affect your body weight, and create emotional confusion, such as a muddled mind, depression and sadness. Clutter can make you procrastinate, be late for appointments, miss opportunities for advancement. Serious clutter can become a health hazard and a definite fire hazard.

If you suffer from clutter, do not wait a moment longer. Get help!

Is your house “spilling over” with things? Are you overwhelmed by all the 'things' you've squired? Are 'things' piling up? Are they 'out of place,' running wild? If so, you need a house organizer to help you get a grip on personal belongings. Personal belongings can become like wild animals running loose in your house. They can take over.

Make an appointment for an evaluation. Set up target dates to work side by side with a seasoned House Organizer. Depending upon the house diagnosis, target dates will be adjusted for specific needs.


Consultation to determine scope of work needed: $59.00

First work visit, four hour minimum: $259.00

Subsequent work visits: $55.00 per hour

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